If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to beauty brands, you’re not alone. There are new brands popping up all the time, plus the classics, so it can be difficult to know who to really trust. Plus, being inundated with options can be so confusing that you quit the search and stick with a dingy old rag paired with castile soap (we don’t quite recommend this). So, what is one to do? You’re to listen to the professionals and start with our go-to’s. Let’s look at three of our best beauty brands.

  1. Not only is this one a fan favorite, but it’s diverse, too. Clarins not only offers make up and skincare products, but also has a men’s line. Customers swear by this brand- it has number one bestselling products in more than one category. This is an all-around good choice for both skincare and make up.
  2. Aveda, too, is a versatile brand, including products for skincare as well as haircare. In the haircare department, they’re for sure a fan favorite. If your hair needs some extra love, this is where you should start.
  3. Elizabeth Arden. If you’re a bit wary of commitment when it comes to new products, Elizabeth Arden is the one for you. This brand offers all kinds of beauty products- perfume, make up, skincare, and more. And not only is it well loved by users, but Elizabeth Arden offers a variety of “gift sets,” which allow you to try smaller sizes of the product. It’s definitely a win-win.

Next time you catch yourself on the hunt for a new beauty product, don’t worry. Keep an eye out for Clarins, Aveda, and Elizabeth Arden. Our customers love these brands, and so do we.