About Us

'Pretty Glowy' came into existence when the passion of two beauty enthusiasts combined with the aim of better serving their community by providing easier access to world's best-selling brands and products, combined with straight-from-the-experts knowledge to help them guide through their 'pretty glowy' skin journey. We aim to provide the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world, with every product on our catalogue curated with sustainability at its heart.

We believe small changes make a big impact - and that includes our beauty routine.

We’re proud to offer a savvy mix of high and low, with an impressive range of best selling brands on our catalogue. Skincare and Makeup is at the heart of what we do, from anti-aging treatments to the go-to lip glosses, and everything in between!

Our haircare selection also holds fun possibilities, thanks to salon professional products and the latest in tech, while other guests get to discover our best selling range for men grooming including most trending fragrances and accessories. 

With years of experience and strong networking in this sector we have developed great business relationships and collaborations with industry leaders which enables us to buy products straight-from-the-source and provide our customers with excellent value for money.

As we say it shouldn't cost you a fortune, just to stay pretty and glowy!