Burberry Mr Burberry Face Moisturiser 75ml-Burberry-Pretty Glowy

Burberry Mr Burberry Face Moisturiser 75ml

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Upgrade your everyday grooming routine with the Mr BURBERRY Face Moisturiser, a subtly scented day cream that hydrates and protects. This facial moisturiser harnesses the power of multiple hydrating ingredients to smooth, soften and defend your skin from dehydration. Apply every day to clean skin, then follow with your Mr BURBERRY fragrance to enjoy the scent for longer.

Mr. Burberry, a man of contrasts. Classic, yet contemporary; sophisticated and sensual. Style with a rebellious attitude. Authentic and British. He makes an impromptu escape from the city. Seeking freedom. Refreshed and invigorated. A contrast to his busy London life. Lightly scented with Mr. Burberry, this daily-use formula utilises a blend of hydrating ingredients. Apply after cleansing or shaving to soothe and refresh skin.