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Fanola No Yellow Hair Mask 350ml

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The colour-correcting mask helps maintain the perfect blonde between salon visits. The colour toning mask by Fanola neutralises unwanted yellow tones in blonde hair. Enriched with silk proteins and pressed grape extracts, the conditioning mask makes hair hydrated, soft and nourished. The pigments in the rejuvenating mask are scalp-friendly, and do not cause any allergic or burning effect on the scalp.

Colour Fixing Mask treats hair discoloration which occurs largely due to exposure to heat from styling tools and environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. The hair strengthening mask is created as an after-care regimen to restore vitality and health to dull hair. The colour re-balancing mask is the perfect solution for blonde, bleached, grey or streaked hair. It has an acidic pH which helps seal the hair cuticles and create a protective violet film on the hair to tone down yellow reflections.