Rance 1795 L'aigle De La Victoire Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray-Rance 1795-Pretty Glowy
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Rance 1795 L'aigle De La Victoire Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray

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L'aigle De La Victoire was launched by Rance 1795 in 2013 which is a leather fragrance for men.

It contains notes of leather, agarwood, birch leaf, vetiver, patchouli, cedar, calabrian bergamot, sandalwood, raspberry, vanilla and grapefruit.

Victoire, the victory at Wagram near Vienna in 1809 made Napoleon the ruler of Europe. Once again the genius of Napoleon had won the upper hand against a larger, well-armed enemy led by experienced generals. The admiration of the French for Napoleon increased, and was expressed in mass demonstrations and writings by the most prominent literary figures.

Jean Rance also decided to pay tribute to the Emperor by creating a new perfume that would have the strength of spirit and determination of the Victor. This masculine fragrance, in which the liveliness of Bergamot contrasts with the intensity of Laurel and Thyme, is the expression of the strength that makes a man a Winner, capable of overcoming any difficulty.

Leather expresses the virile character. High over Oriental Wood and the Amber Aroma of resins is the shrill note of Oud Wood, warm as the flame that shapes the will and urges it on to Victory. A powerful, explosive fragrance dedicated to the man who, in his every deed, knows he deserves VICTORY.